Monday, November 24, 2008


My sister is a photographer and she took some family pics for us

These are just a few of them. Shaylee doesnt like them to mush cause she does look pretty short. :P

Monday, November 17, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for all you do love you mom
my mom with the bears i bought her

Happy Birthday mom!!!! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Life!

Tyler John Hatch
May 8th, 1991
Tyler and Shaylee
Her 1st Christmas
Tyler and BARNEY!!!

Tyler and sunflowers! Shaylee Marie Hatch
August 7th, 1993
Tiny baby wore doll clothes!

Me and Shaylee

Our family is starting to grow!

Shaylee and the sunflowers!

Trever Max Hatch
July 2nd, 1997
Trev Monster about 2 years old
Trever being a good big brother
Trey David Hatch
October 12th, 2001
Baby Treyster

Rylee Jean Hatch
April 8th, 2004
My chunkiest baby!

Rylee's one year old picture
The Hatch Family 2008
Shaylee 15, Trey 6 1/2, Jack, Holly, Rylee 4, Tyler 17

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How I met my man!!!

The first time I saw Jack I told my friends I was going to marry him! They just laughed and said whatever! The next day I was driving around with my friend and we got a flat tire! I had no clue how to change it so we just sat in the car waiting for someone to stop and help us. After about 5 minutes of waiting Jack pulled up behind us! He got out and fixed my tire! I thanked him and told him since he helped me i'd have to make him dinner. So we had dinner and about 6 weeks later we were engaged! We just barely celebrated our 18th anniversery! Time flies by after 18 years of marriage and five kids later it's still happily ever after!

Tyler John

Tyler is 17! He is a senior this year at Skyview High School (how crazy! =/) He is the Debate Captain at Skyview High School. He is a great student and has a 3.8 grade average. He is in Mayor Teen Counsel and does a lot of stuff for the comunitee and loves it! He's hoping to be a lawyer and later in his life be some kind of a political party man. He loves reading, hanging out with friends, texting him and Shaylee do this often, and just having fun! He's a great guy and he's a good big brother to everyone! We're lucky to have him in our family!!!

Shaylee Marie

Shaylee is just about to turn 15 in two days! She's going to be a sophmore in high school! She is very outgoing and loves to help people! She loves sports, she plays softball and basketball and likes volleyball as well! She is a good big sister and helps me out with the kids and around the house! Shaylee is our clutz in the family! Well after breaking her elbow twice, falling in a man hole, falling in the river at girls camp then getting hypothermia and double pnamonia what else do you call her?! We're happy she's in our family!

Trever Max

Trever is 11! He's our future missionary man! He is a sweet heart! He loves sports! He plays football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. He said his two favorite sports are football and basketball! He loves playing Gamecube and Ps 2, riding his bike, going to scouts, or just playing bored games! He is so tall already! He's almost as tall as Shaylee so he's about 4'11. He is a great helper around the house! He's so fun to have in our family!